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React Front End Engineer at Caresharing

About Caresharing:
At Caresharing, we merge the energy of a startup with the maturity of an established company. We’re dedicated to simplifying healthcare collaboration through our cutting-edge software. Our rapidly-growing product, cBoards, is set to revolutionize healthcare communication, bridging the gap between Slack’s dynamism and LinkedIn’s professional communities. We need your expertise to elevate it further.
Why Join Caresharing?
  • Growth & Depth: Unlike many Cebu-based firms that focus on outsourcing, we dive deep into our platform, allowing you unparalleled growth and understanding.
  • Collaborative Team: Benefit from the diverse experience of senior and junior developers, and learn through regular code reviews.
  • Global Exposure: With a presence in the Netherlands, you’ll gain international experience.
  • Compensation & Perks: Enjoy one of Cebu’s top salaries, daily complimentary lunches, and know that your code directly impacts people’s lives, especially in elderly care.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Spearhead development and maintenance of our cBoards product.
  • Stay updated with the latest tech trends relevant to our product.
  • Prioritize quality, performance, and write robust test/validation code.
  • Troubleshoot issues, identify solutions, and actively participate in Scrum.
  • Mentor team members on React best practices.
Who We’re Looking For:
  • A proactive learner and a curious mind.
  • Collaborative team spirit.
  • Dedication to clean and efficient coding.
  • Enthusiasm for embracing new tech innovations.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering.
  • 5+ years of web application development experience.
  • Proficiency in HTML, Javascript, CSS, and especially React.
Bonus Points:
  • Contributions to open-source projects.
Rewards & Benefits:
  • Competitive salary.
  • Health benefits and group accident insurance.
  • Generous 27-day leave policy, inclusive of holidays.
  • Standard government benefits including 13th-month pay.
Next Steps:
Upon application receipt, we’ll invite you to complete a one-day home test. Successful candidates will be called in for an in-office interview. We value and appreciate your effort in this process.
Looking forward to your innovative contribution to Caresharing!

About us

We are a Dutch, family-owned software development company helping individual healthcare professionals, teams and informal caregivers unleash their full collaboration potential. We build the next generation collaboration and productivity software that increases the quality of care, creates secure patient environments and stimulates patient self-management and participation. We believe the power of multidisciplinary cooperation has the potential to strongly change healthcare sectors, ones that are more open and more patient-oriented.

We operate in the innovative Dutch healthcare market. Partners and customers we serve with our teams in The Netherlands and The Philippines.

Our story


Caresharing was founded in 2007 by three brothers: Tijs, Harm and Jos Rietjens. At the end of 2008 they launched their first software system for the Dutch healthcare market, to support collaboration around patients with a chronic disease. GP organizations, so called Care Groups, became their first customers. 

2008 - GROWTH

The 2008 to 2012 were dominated by growth, which made Caresharing one of the leading market players in the Netherlands in providing software solutions for multidisciplinary collaboration.


In 2013 we decided to develop a platform that offers maximum flexibility and scalability.


In the spring of 2015 we launched the completely new Caresharing platform. From that moment on we are able to develop cool, high-end software solutions at an extremely rapid pace!


In the summer of 2017 we introduced cBoards, a highly innovative collaboration platform. In the meantime, more and more healthcare professionals, informal caregivers and patients are becoming familiar with this unique platform that is disrupting the way collaboration takes place within the Dutch healthcare market. The intended snowball effect is now clearly visible, awesome!


In 2022 we will launch cBoards PGO. This app empowers patients to manage their own medical data and involve their network of healthcare professionals and informal caregivers.

The CareBears

Our team is commited to improving the way multidiciplinary care is delivered. CareBears want to make an impact! We are ambitious, eager to learn and caring. Every day we dedicate ourselves to take network care to a higher level. We do this by developing user-friendly, high-end software that looks super sleek. And we combine this with our enormous wealth of knowledge of healthcare collaboration processes.

Join our team, become a CareBear!

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Oudezijds Achterburgwal 141 F
1012 DG Amsterdam


7de Verdieping – Unit 701
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